Repair Or Replace Your Home Appliance?

kitchen appliancesIt can be great frustration when a washer can’t run, when a refrigerator stops cooling or when your dishwasher can’t clean your plates as it should. These are signs of appliance repair or replacement. Searching for repair solutions from friends, online product reviews or do-it-yourself repairs to recover your major household appliance can be less fruitful. This is the time when you have to decide on whether to repair your appliance or buy a new one.

Repair or replacement of kitchen or laundry appliance is a major decision that should be done wisely. The following considerations will help you make a right decision that will save you time and money:

The age of your appliance

Every kitchen or laundry appliance has its life expectancy. If your appliance fails beyond its life-cycle, then it’s probably time to replace it. Home appliances beyond their life expectancy do not require the ordinary residential repairs, in most cases, not even an appliance technician can save them. Repairing an old home appliance would be worthless. There are high chances of future failures when an old, obsolete appliance is repaired.

The cost of running a new appliance like appliance service is much cheaper and energy-saving than an old appliance. Look for energy-saving tags when buying new kitchen or laundry appliances

Repair vs. Replacement cost

new refrigerator

Replacing your old electric stove or refrigerator with a brand new unit could be helpful. The rule of the thumb is an alternative option if appliance repair cost exceeds half the value of the expense of a new appliance.

If you have asked an Onsite Same Day Appliance Repair Near Houston TX to fix your broken dishwasher, ensure that replacement hardware being used will last with your appliance. Most manufacturers make replacement parts with a life-cycle that exceeds the manufacturing date of the appliance.

Manufacturer’s warranty

A repair option would be the best choice to consider if your fridge or oven breaks down if it’s still covered by a warranty. To know if your appliance is still under warranty, check with its manufacturer or find out from your user manual. If it’s still under warranty, you can have it fixed by factory-authorized appliance repair company. There, you may get free repairs or very affordable repair costs.

A reliable service technician can help you with routine maintenance services that will prevent costly appliance repairs. Always hire professionals from a reputable appliance repair company with many years of experience in the business. Check the training and certifications of the company’s technicians.

Finally, consider finding at least three estimates from appliance repair companies and compare their price, parts, labor, and warranty before choosing a suitable one.

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